Friday, May 29, 2015

Agreement in Marriage

Marriage is really tough for some people. For a very few it seems not to be tough at all. Although sometimes you meet a couple and for years it will look like they have a great relationship and then one day BOOM they get divorced.

You don't always know what you think you know.

All marriages run into problems. The good marriages figure out an agreeable way to solve those problems. The keyword there is 'agreeable.' Agreement is one of the most important aspects of a marriage.

Sometimes you find a couple and they never agree on anything and they argue and fight about everything. They're not married yet but they plan to get married. This is a marriage that 99 times out of 100 will eventually fail. When you see a couple like that (and talk to the one who is the same gender as you are) you will find that their sex life is fantastic. And a great sex life does not a marriage make.

So when you meet an unmarried couple who argue all the time do them a favor and send them to read this blog post. That way they won't get upset at you for telling them not to get married. I'll tell them: IT DOESN'T GET BETTER. DON'T BE STUPID. DON'T GET MARRIED TO THAT PERSON.

When they still refuse to take the above advice and get married anyway you will have the satisfaction 5, 10, or even 20 years hence when they say to you, "Remember that blog post you had me read about Agreement in Marriage? I should have listened to that advice."

Let's not forget marriage itself is an agreement. An agreement to love, honor, and cherish to name a few that show up in most vows. But have you ever looked up and examined the word 'vow' before? Let's do so now.

Merriam-Webster defines vow as a solemn promise or assertion; specifically: one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition.

So a vow is not to be taken lightly. Think about that a moment. Drink that in. How many couples really understand that BEFORE they exchange their vows? My guess is not many. Let's continue by looking at the derivation of the word 'vow.'

DERIVATION: Middle English vowe, from Anglo-French vou, from Latin votum, from votus, past participle of vovere meaning to vow. Related to Greek euchesthai meaning to pray or vow, from Sanskrit vaghat meaning sacrificer.

Wow. The word vow is a pretty solemn and serious word. When you vow to do something you are really saying come hell or high water I'm sticking with this thing. How many couples treat marriage with that kind of importance? The divorce rates are your answer.

The two things to take away from the above article are these two points: 1) Find a person who you agree with most of the time. 2) When you make a vow, keep it. No matter what. It will be easier if you do #1 first. But if you don't future articles will address this and help you to do #2.

You may ask, what do you do in an abusive relationship? This will be discussed in future articles. All will be discussed. Subscribe to the blog and keep coming back. You just might learn something helpful.

Until then remember a happy marriage means a happy life.

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